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We are happy to grant you permission to use the EBPQ in your work, with the proviso that as authors Professor Dominic Upton and Dr Penney Upton are acknowledged in any communication, including publication, in which the questionnaire is used. The Student version of the EBPQ (SEBPQ) is also available from this section of the website. If you wish to use the SEBPQ we ask that you acknowledge the authors Professor Dominic Upton, Dr Penney Upton and Laura Scurlock-Evans in any communication, including publication.

In accordance with UK and Australian copyright law we would be grateful if you would refer anyone else interested in using either the EBPQ or the SEBPQ to us, rather than distribute copies of the questionnaires to third parties yourself. This will also help us as authors gauge the level of interest in the questionnaires and their application in the clinical/research/educational setting. The EBPQ is available to download in a number of languages.  As new translations are being undertaken all the time, if the language you require is not available please contact us in the first instance to check whether the translation you require is already in progress.

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