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1. Considering your practice in relation to an individual patient’s care over the past year, how often have you done the following in response to a gap in your knowledge :
Formulated a clearly answerable question as the beginning of the process towards filling this gap:
Tracked down the relevant evidence once you have formulated the question:
Critically appraised, against set criteria, any literature you have discovered:
Integrated the evidence you have found with your expertise:
Evaluated the outcomes of your practice:
Shared this information with colleagues:
2. Please indicate where on the scale you would place yourself for each of the following pairs of statements:
"My workload is too great for me to keep up to date with all the new evidence " TO "New evidence is so important that I make the time in my work schedule"
"I resent having my clinical practice questioned" TO "I welcome questions on my practice"
"Evidence based practice is a waste of time" TO "Evidence based practice is fundamental to professional practice"
"I stick to tried and trusted methods rather than changing to anything new" TO "My practice has changed because of evidence I have found"
3. On a scale of 1 to 7 (with 7 being the best) how would you rate your:
Research skills
IT skills
Monitoring and reviewing of practice skills
Converting your information needs into a research question
Awareness of major information types and sources
Ability to identify gaps in your professional practice
Knowledge of how to retrieve evidence
Ability to analyse critically evidence against set standards
Ability to determine how valid (close to the truth) the material is
Ability to determine how useful (clinically applicable) the material is
Ability to apply information to individual cases
Sharing of ideas and information with colleagues
Dissemination of new ideas about care to colleagues
Ability to review your own practice