Meet The Team

The members of the Group have a wide range of expertise, which is reflected in excellence in research and teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in addition to PhD supervision.

Professor Dominic Upton

Professor Dominic Upton is a senior academic with a range of leadership, teaching and research experience. He is currently Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences at Charles Darwin University. His research has spanned some applied and fundamental areas of psychology, healthcare and learning and teaching. He was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his extensive contribution to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in 2007 and has built on the success of the award with the publication of several books for both an academic and student audience.  Dominic is a skilled investigator, who has substantial experience in leading successful funded research projects from those exploring evidence based practice to those detailing the complex link between pain, stress and wound healing.

Dr Penney Upton

Dr Penney Upton is Associate Professor in Health at the University of Canberra. An experienced researcher, Penney has a particular interest in the impact of health care practices on the health and wellbeing of individuals with chronic or life-threatening illness. Her expertise spans both qualitative and quantitative methods, including psychometrics. In 2014 she was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the UK Higher Education Academy in recognition of her experience in developing and leading educational initiatives. She was able to use this opportunity to expand her investigation into the training and support of student/newly qualified health professionals to apply evidence-based practice.

Laura Scurlock-Evans

Laura Scurlock-Evans is a psychology technician and research student at the University of Worcester.  Her research explores how Evidence-Based Practice is taught and learnt, and how it is adopted and implemented in health, allied health and social care. She is an early career researcher, and has been involved in collaborative research with professionals in the UK, US and Iran. In 2012 Laura was presented with a national award by the Higher Education Academy, Psychology technician of the year, for her work to support students’ learning in Higher Education.